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High energy acoustic rock with original music on the way and the experience to take your event to the moon!


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Born in Birmingham, Matthew Martin studied the acoustic folk and rock that is embedded the South and combining it with the soulful intentions of a Sunday morning. Learning classical guitar and singing from a young age, Matt has been sharpening his axe for over a decade now by performing in churches, music halls, and parties across Alabama, Tennessee and somehow Mexico. At 18, Matthew attended Belmont University for two years extending his musical portfolio. Now, at 21, Matthew lives in Tuscaloosa, AL performing at private parties and country clubs while he recording his second album with Title Town Records with producer David Myers.


Matthew has recruited the work of The Editors to take on the task of taking the music to the next level. While writing more music, Matthew Martin and The Editors are cutting their teeth with your favorite cover tunes appropriate for any yard party, formal, or wedding. Let us help you take the night out by suggesting 5 personal songs for your party.



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