Dragon’s Lane Entertainment

Artist Development

At Dragon's Lane, we are dedicated to the development of artists by providing them with mentors/teachers, shows, and placement into bands.

Marketing & Advice

With a combined 15 years in the industry, we are dedicated to teaching artists the how to communicate with the business and know what is legal/fair.

Production & Support

By providing the artist's with the production we have on hand, we are dedicated to keeping the artist's payment at market value. Day of Show contact is always available to make sure the day goes as planned.

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For the musician,

We're set on improving your musicality, touring schedule, network of musicians, and performance confidence.

For the Client

We Guarantee We'll Beat Any Networks Prices for Comparable Entertainment. Most Agencies in the Southeast take 30-50%. We Did The Math and We Can Both Benefit. Call Us Now With Other Offer Sheets and We'll Beat It Everytime.


Message Us Now To Join Or Book

Email, Call, or Text at any time for a quote on an event, join us as an artist, or get free tickets to a show.